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Helping the defense and scientific community meet their system design goals requires unique competence in infrared imaging, dedication and unmatched integrity.

We partner with a limited number of skilled infrared and advanced imaging technology resellers who have long established relationships with key accounts.   Value added resellers provide valuable guidance, training and support and can package a range of technologies to accomplish complex tasks.  Assembling a strata of imaging technologies and providing onsite support can accelerate program development and keep staff engineers focused on engineering, not acquisition.  

In many cases, special bandpass high-definition cooled infrared cameras are bundled with high speed visible cameras for research and range phenomenology applications, and value added resellers can kit and support turnkey systems. 

We are eager to partner with value added technology resellers, large and small.   We understand the value of long term relationships and the trust that exists between technology buyers and resellers.  If you support clients with advanced imaging and you have an opportunity for a performance cooled infrared system, we have a partner program to accommodate low volume resellers.  If you have a program opportunity and you would like to establish a partnership with American Infrared Solutions, please reach out to us for our reseller program details. 

We can support custom hyperspectral camera systems and designs, mid wave, long wave and broadband cameras.  

For international resellers, securing export licenses for our technology can be challenging.  AIRS clients manage export compliance and licensing with their internal teams.   If your firm has experience with exporting controlled technology, licensing and ITAR compliance, and you have an application for our technology, please reach out. 

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