Any sensor, any cooler, custom dewars,
special filters, your design or ours.

We design, manufacture and support performance cooled infrared modules and cameras for OEM’s and science. Our infrared camera modules are deployed in space, defense, and hyperspectral commercial applications. We are eager to take on challenging designs.

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Many of the emerging and advanced imaging applications require special filtering and unique dewar designs.  We are sub-assembly agnostic, so we can design and integrate  an IDCA that includes your choice of sensor and commercially available cryogenic cooler.  We supply specialized IDCA’s to some of the most successful hyperspectral camera manufacturers and dozens of defense contractors and research laboratories.   

AIRS integrates the sensor of your choice, including SLS, InSb, MCT, HOT MCT, nBn, and InGaAs covering the entire infrared and SWIR spectrum.  We offer sensor resolutions ranging from single element all the way to 2K x 2K, with higher resolution solutions on the way.

In the SWIR band AIRS offers extended cut off wavelengths out to 2.5um with high sensitivity.  This capability offers performance and discrimination advantages for selected hyperspectral and ISR solutions.  Sensors are optimized to allow ease of integration into hyperspectral instruments, gimbal payloads and multi-sensor systems.

The Long Wave Infrared spectral band is preferred by many high-performance scientific, security and military users, particularly for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and tactical applications.  LWIR provides much better sensitivity in harsh environments and cold backgrounds because LWIR provides up to two orders of magnitude more signal in terrestrial applications as compared to MWIR imaging.  This results in much improved detection, recognition and identification (DRI) characteristics because LWIR is least impacted by most atmospheric conditions. In fact, the worse the conditions, the more benefit to using cooled LWIR.  The AIRS technical staff has a particular focus on long wave imaging system development.

AIRS has unique capabilities in that we can develop solutions using coolers from multiple manufacturers coupled with the optimum sensor for your application.  We can design and integrate custom dewars, filters and cold shields to optimize the system for the bandpass of your choice.  Leveraging the experience of the AIRS technical team can greatly reduce product development cycles.


AIRS has attracted some of the most capable engineers in the infrared community, and our investment in specialized infrastructure and custom equipment makes us unique.

  • Custom dewar development and manufacturing
  • RF welding
  • Ultra-high vacuum systems and pinch-off
  • Wire bonding
  • Precision optical alignment
  • Imaging electronics development
  • Opto-mechanical design

We have the skills to develop a complete camera solution, from dewar design to digital output and all the critical manufacturing processes to deliver the highest value to our customers.  A Strong emphasis on performance, reliability and simplicity underscore the thermal camera designs of AIRS.

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