For the benefit of those new to infrared imaging, here are a few of the acronyms we use on our site.

AIRS: American Infrared Solutions

CFE: Customer Furnished Equipment

CTIA: Capacitance Trans-impedance Amplifier

DROIC: Digital readout integrated circuit (DROIC)

GV: Gated Viewing

HOT: High Operating Temperature (most cryogenically cooled infrared sensors operate at 77K, while HOT sensors can run at 130K or above).

HOT MWIR: This is a strain layer superlattice or MCT detector that runs at a warmer (hot) high operating temperature than conventional high-performance cooled sensors.

IDCA: Integrated dewar cooler assembly

IRFPA: Infrared Focal Plane Array

IRIG/IRIG B: Inter-range instrumentation group timecodes, commonly known as IRIG timecode

IRST: Infrared search and track

ISR: Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance

ITR: Integrate then read

IWR: Integrate while read

JDK: Amps of dark current

LP: Long Pass (optic that allows specific bandpass)

LWIR: Long Wave Infra-Red

MTTF: Mean time to failure

MWIR: Mid Wave Infra-Red

nBn: “n-type-Barrier-n-type” (infrared sensor) nBn two n-type semiconductors sandwiching a barrier layer

NETD: Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (Thermal sensitivity)

NIR: Near Infrared

Nyx:  The Greek Goddess of Night .

Nyx S: Nyx SWIR system

Nyx M: Nyx Mid Wave system

Nyx L:  Nyx Long Wave system

SLS: Type-II strained-layer superlattice detector technology

SWAP/SWAPc: Size, weight and power (and cost)

SWIR: Short Wave Infra-Red

SXGASuper Extended Graphics Array: 1280 x 1024 

VGAVideo Graphics Array 640 x 480

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