Nucleus™ High Definition OEM Infrared CamerA module

Compact, flexible 1280 x 1024 infrared system designed for OEM's, Integrators and Researchers in mid wave, long wave and with four levels of connectivity

Midwave versions of this product are in stock for immediate delivery, please contact us for a quote

    • High resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise infrared sensor is well suited to demanding defense and scientific applications.
    • Flexible Nucleus™ OEM Camera-Core design enables both field use and easy system integration.
    • Nyx Connect™ software simplifies set-up and control of critical sensor settings and digital video through a reliable camera link connection.
    • Full control of sensor integration times, custom non-uniformity tables and user applied pixel maps enables maximum performance, critical for AI applications.
    • Four levels of control and image processing software options helps to reduce  development times.

Nucleus Overview Video


Interested in evaluating a system?

OEMs, research institutions, and system integrators can request an evaluation system.   For qualified US organizations, we can send you a complete Nucleus system with software for evaluation.  We simply require a borrowed property agreement (a bailment agreement).   This gives your team time to thoroughly evaluate system performance in your own lab.   Please reach out using the form below if you would like to learn more. 


There's a lot more to know than we can reveal here.

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