American IR Solutions offers a full strata of camera
connectivity and control solutions for OEM
system integration or stand-alone applications.

Our new Nyx Connect™, Windows Certified software gives users control of critical system settings and powerful proprietary image enhancement tools.

Four different software levels provide the optimal mix of system and video management.

System integrators can experiment with custom integration times, advanced pixel replacement tools and other image optimization settings in a safe environment.

Video options include Camera Link, USB3 Vision and SDI outputs.

WATCH: 90 Second Nyx Connect Demo

Nyx Connect Level 4

Infrared Camera Control Software

The Nyx Connect Level 4 dashboard offers comprehensive access and control over all system attributes and crucial image management, including proprietary AIRS contrast enhancement and pixel replacement tools. Advanced pixel correction features include intuitive tools that automatically identify and replace dead pixels, along with the capability to manually mark individual pixels. Select any of seven pseudo color palettes. Save snapshots or frame sequences in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format.

Nyx Connect Level Features

Nyx Connect Feature Set

Nyx Connect Tutorial

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