Nucleus™ LW HD Camera

The Nucleus HD long wave OEM camera is a performance cooled infrared camera system with excellent thermal sensitivity in a very compact package.  It’s designed for engineers, system integrators and researchers who need high resolution, high sensitivity, flexible packaging and a range of video and control options without the added cost and weight found in commercially available camera systems.  The OEM module has 4 levels of integration and control, with an array of video output options.

1280 x 1024 Hot LWIR

  • High resolution, high sensitivity, and low noise infrared sensor is well suited to demanding defense and scientific applications.
  • Flexible Nucleus™ Camera-Core design enables both portable field use and easy system integration.
  • Nyx Connect™ software simplifies set-up and control of critical sensor settings and digital video through a reliable camera link connection.
  • Full control of sensor integration times, custom non-uniformity tables and user applied pixel maps enables maximum performance, critical for AI applications.
  • Video options include Camera Link, USB vision, HDSDI, HDMI and GigE
  • Broad range of commercial off-the-shelf lenses.
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